1042 Holland Ave.
Philadelphia, MS 39350
P: 601-656-9768
3664 S Oates St.
Dothan, AL 36301
P: 334-677-3192

HUGE 2-Day Public Auction - Wednesday, July 17th & Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Auction Date: 07/17/2019
Location: 1042 Holland Ave, Philadelphia, Mississippi 39350
Phone: 601-656-9768

HUGE 2-Day Public Auction
Selling on Day 1 - Wednesday, July 17th
Truck Tractors, Dump Trucks, Specialty Trucks, Trailers, Farm Tractors, 1-ton Trucks, Pickups, Vehicles, ATVs, Related Attachments, Misc. Items

Selling on Day 2 - Thursday, July 18th
All Types of Construction including Dozers, Hyd. Excavators, Motor Graders, Rubber-tired Loaders, Loader Backhoes, Skid Steer Loaders, Mini Excavators, Trenchers, Asphalt & Compaction Equip., Forklifts, Logging Equip., Service Trucks, Fuel & Lube Trucks, Water Trucks, Related Attachments, Misc. Items.

Auction Day 1  
2020 Peterbilt 389 Truck Tractor: T/A, Sleeper, Cummins ISX 565hp Eng., 13-sp Auto, 280" WB, No-lube Alum. Fifth Wheel, FET is Paid
2017 Peterbilt 389 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPXD49XXHD342228: Cummins ISX 550 Eng., 18-sp., 3.55 Rears, 72" Flat Top Sleeper, Navigation, Full Gauge Pkg., On Board Scales, 216K mi.
2014 Mack CHU613 Truck Tractor, s/n 1M1AN07Y6EM016835: MP8 445hp Eng., 13-sp., Air Ride Rear Susp., P/S, A/C, Jake Brake, Alum. Wheels, 48" Flat Top Sleeper, 417K mi.
2014 Mack CXU613 Truck Tractor, s/n 1M1AW02Y4EM037042: T/A, Day Cab
2014 International Navistar 8600 Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSHXSJR0EH754622
2014 International Navistar 8600 Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSHXSJR7EH754617
2014 International Navistar Prostar, s/n 1HSDJSJRXEH492897
2014 Volvo Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9EH2EN165644: Day Cab, D13 455hp Eng., 10-sp., 330K mi.
2013 Mack CHU613 Truck Tractor, s/n 1M1AN07Y1DM014036: Day Cab, Auto, 332K mi.
2013 Freightliner Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJGBDV7D7BS0010: Day Cab
2013 International Navistar 8600 Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSHXSJR7DJ164201
2013 International Navistar 8600, s/n 1SHSXSJR7DH353406
2013 International Navistar 8600 Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSHXSJR2DH404441
2013 International Navistar Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSDJSJR0DJ333782: Day Cab
2013 International Navistar Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSDJSJR3DJ333775: Day Cab
2013 International Navistar Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSDJSJR9DJ333781: Day Cab
2013 International ProStar+122 Eagle Truck Tractor, s/n 3HSDJSJR0DN655657: T/A, Sleeper
2012 International ProStar+122 Eagle Truck Tractor, s/n 3HSDJSJR9CN546662: T/A, Sleeper
2012 International ProStar+122 Eagle Truck Tractor, s/n 3HSDJSJR8CN623163: T/A, Sleeper
2012 International ProStar+ Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSDJSJR9CJ557695: T/A, Day Cab, 10-sp., 322K
2012 Peterbilt 388 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPWDW9XKCD168712: T/A, Sleeper, 2006 Cat Eng s/n NXS05606, 376K mi.
2012 Peterbilt 385 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPSD79X1CD159286: Cummins ISX 425hp Eng., Eng. Brake, DEF, DPF, Eaton Fuller 8LL, Air Trac Susp., 13.2K Front, 40K Rears, 224" WB, 36" Flat Top Sleeper, Wet Kit, 20K mi.
2012 Peterbilt 385 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPSD79X4CD141509: Cummins ISX 425hp Eng., Eng. Brake, DEF, DPF, Eaton Fuller 8LL, Air Trac Susp., 13.2K Front, 40K Rears, 224" WB, 36" Flat Top Sleeper, Wet Kit, 27K mi.
2012 Peterbilt 385 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPSD79X6CD146940: Cummins ISX 425hp Eng., Eng. Brake, DEF, DPF, Eaton Fuller 8LL, Air Trac Susp., 13.2K Front, 40K Rears, 224" WB, 36" Flat Top Sleeper, Wet Kit, 50K mi.
2012 Peterbilt 587 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XP4DP9X8CD139478: Sleeper, Fuller 10-sp.
2012 Freightliner Cascadia Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJGEDR6CSBN9860: Day Cab, Detroit D15 Eng., 10-sp., Air Ride Susp.
2012 Freightliner Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJGNDR7CDBF1380: 10-sp.
2011 Freightliner Cascadia Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJGEDC1BSAY3086: T/A, Day Cab, Fuller 10-sp., 688K mi.
2009 Mack CHU613 Truck Tractor, s/n 1M2AN09Y39N003713: Day Cab, 13-sp., 548K mi.
2009 Peterbilt 389 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPXD49X99N777043: Cummins ISX Eng., 10-sp., Wet Line, 549K mi.
2009 Volvo VNL630 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9EH49N264472: Sleeper
2008 Volvo VNL670 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9GH08N462820: T/A, Sleeper, Volvo 12.1L 465hp Eng., Fuller 10-sp.
2008 Volvo VNL630 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9GH28N462849: Sleeper
2008 Volvo VNL670 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9GH48N460049: Sleeper
2008 Volvo VNL670 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9GH58N462859: Sleeper
2008 Volvo VNL670 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9GH78N462880: Sleeper
2007 Volvo VNM430 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4N19GF47N481809: S/A, Sleeper, Volvo 12.1L 365hp Eng., Fuller 10-sp.
2007 Volvo VNM4ST20 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4M19GF07N433753
2007 Peterbilt 379 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XP5D49X07N673495: Sleeper, 10-sp.
2007 Freightliner Columbia Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJA6CK17LX28493: Sleeper, Detroit Eng., 10-sp.
2007 Freightliner Columbia Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJA6C087LW99425: T/A, Day Cab, Wet Kit, 10-sp.
2006 Mack CH613 Truck Tractor: T/A, Day Cab, 427 Eng., 10-sp., 700K mi.
2006 Volvo VNM64T200 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4MC9GF96N361265: T/A, Day Cab, Odometer Shows 809K mi.
2006 Volvo Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4N19GG76N424589: S/A, Sleeper, VE D12 395hp Eng., 10-sp.
2006 Volvo VNL630 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9GG26N398249: Sleeper
2006 Volvo VNM4ST20 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4M19GF16N424686
2006 Freightliner Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUBCYDC06HW63798: S/A, Day Cab, Auto, 188K mi.
2005 Mack CXN613 Truck Tractor, s/n 1M1AK06Y15N002135: Mack 355hp Eng., Maxitorque T309/L/LR 9-sp., Interlock Axle, Eng. Brake, Speed Control, Odometer Shows 878K mi.
2005 Volvo VNL Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4NC9TG75N388482: Cummins 12L 465hp Eng., Eaton Fuller 10-sp., Condo Sleeper, 40K Rears, Eng. Brake, Air Ride Susp., 235" WB, Eng. Brake
2005 Volvo Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4MC9GF25N374387: T/A, Day Cab, Wet Kit
2004 Peterbilt 379 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XP5DB9X04N808815: Sleeper, 10-sp., Wet Kit, 479K mi.
2004 Kenworth T900 Truck Tractor, s/n 104J069473: Sleeper, Fuller 10-sp.
2003 Freightliner Columbia Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJBBAV33LJ88643: Cat 6NZ Eng.,
2002 Volvo VNM64T20 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4MC9GF42N323081
2002 Volvo VNM64T20 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4MC9GF62N323101
2002 Volvo VNM64T20 Truck Tractor, s/n 4V4MC9GF82N323102
2001 International 9400i Truck Tractor, s/n 2HSCNAMR41C074004: 6x4, Sleeper, 12.7 Detroit Eng., Fuller 10-sp.
2000 Peterbilt 379 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XPFDR9XXYN511084
2000 Mack CH613 Truck Tractor, s/n 1M1AA13Y9YW123913: T/A, Day Cab, 355 Eng., EF 10-sp., Air Susp., 783K mi.
2000 Freightliner Classis 120SD Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUPFSZB0YLF05751: Auto w/ Clutch, 3rd Lift Axle, Winch, Headache Rack
1999 Peterbilt 379 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XP5D69X9XD479162: Ext. Hood, Cummins N14 Eng., 10-sp., Hardwood Floor, 11/24.5 Tires, 10 Alum. Wheels
1997 Peterbilt 379 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XP5DR9X4VN385912: Detroit Eng., 10-sp., 4.11 Ratio, 46K Rears
1996 Peterbilt 379 Truck Tractor, s/n 1XP5DR9X5TD377546: Sleeper, 18-sp.
1996 Kenworth T800 Truck Tractor, s/n 1NKDL99X8TS732283: Cummins Eng., 10-sp., P/S, A/C, 46K Rears
2008 Sterling LT9500 Tandem-axle Dump Truck, s/n 2FZHATDJ08AZ54237: Mercedes Diesel, 10-sp., Heil Body, Former County Truck, 686K mi.
2007 Mack Granite CTP713 Tri-axle Dump Truck, s/n 1M2AT04C57M001482: MP7-405M 370hp 10.8L Eng., Maxitorque ES T310 M/MLRT 10-sp., Multi-speed Reverse, P/S, A/C, Speed Control, Eng. Brake, 18K Front w/ 385/65R22.5 Tires on Alum. Disc, 44K Rears w/ 11R24.5 Tires on Steel Disc, Airlift 3rd Axle w/ 11R22.5 Dual Tires on Steel Disc, Ox Bodies 16' 21-yard Bed, 271K mi. (County-Owned)
2007 Mack Granite CTP713 Tri-axle Dump Truck, s/n 1M2AT04C37M001481: MP7-405M 370hp 10.8L Eng., Maxitorque ES T310 M/MLRT 10-sp., Multi-speed Reverse, P/S, A/C, Speed Control, Eng. Brake, 18K Front w/ 385/65R22.5 Tires on Alum. Disc, 44K Rears w/ 11R24.5 Tires on Steel Disc, Airlift 3rd Axle w/ 11R22.5 Dual Tires on Steel Disc, Ox Bodies 16' 21-yard Bed, 282K mi. (County-Owned)
2007 Kenworth T800 Tri-axle Dump Truck, s/n 1XK3XBTX37J142024: Cat C15 475hp Eng., 8LL, 16' 21-yard Bed
2006 Ford F750 XL Single-axle Dump Truck, s/n 3FRXF75P66V246369: Super-duty, 6-sp., Ox Bodies 10' 6-8 yard Dump, 118K mi.
2005 Mack Granite CV713 Tri-axle Dump Truck, s/n 1M2AG11C45M026336: Mack Eng., 10-sp., 44K Rears, 18K Front, Eng. Brake, 16' Ox Bodies Dump, 17-19 yard Cap., 646K mi.
2005 Kenworth T300 Tandem-axle Dump Truck, s/n 2NKMLD9X55M115864: Cat C7 Eng., 8LL, Ox Bodies 15-17 yard Dump, Air Susp, 445K mi.
2001 Mack RD688S Tri-axle Dump Truck, s/n 1M2P267C51M056050: 8LL, 44K Rears, Double Frame, Ox Bodies 20-yard Dump
2000 Sterling Tandem-axle Dump Truck, s/n 2FZNNWEB4YAB50381: 8LL, Heil 18-yd Bed
1990 International 4600 Flatbed Dump Truck, s/n 1HTSAZPM2LH684173: 5/2-sp.
1985 Ford L8000 Tandem-axle Dump Truck, s/n 1FDYW80UXFVA27149: Cat 3208 Eng., 10-sp., 15-yard Bed
2010 International 8600 Transtar Debris Truck, s/n 1HSHXAHR3AJ263223: S/A, Cummins Eng., Auto, PacMac KBF20H Grapple, 21' Bed, Elec. Tarp, Outriggers, 302K mi.
2009 Freightliner M2 Debris Truck, s/n 1FVACYBS29HAH5468: Business Class, S/A, Cummins Eng., Auto, Ramer Grapple, 18' Dump Bed w/ 4' Sides, Outriggers, 119K mi.
2007 Freightliner Business Class M2 Bucket Truck, s/n 1FVHCYDC17HX27404: T/A, Altec Aerial Unit, Front Winch, 126K mi. (Owned by Alabama Power)
2007 Freightliner Business Class M2 Bucket Truck, s/n 1FVHCYDC97HX08504: T/A, Auto, Altec AA755 Aerial Unit, Front Winch, 158K mi. (Owned by Alabama Power)
2012 Ford F550 4WD Bucket Truck, s/n 1FDUF5HT3CEB86339: Auto, Altec Lift, Runs but has bad turbo, 218K mi. (Utility-Owned)
2005 International 4300 Knuckleboom Truck, s/n 1HTMMAAR15H107496: DT466 Diesel, Allison Auto, 14' Flatbed, HIAB XS 14,460 lb. Crane, Cranesmart System, Aux. Hydraulics, Wireless Remote, 76K mi.
2002 International 4300 Box Van, s/n 1HTMMAAM82H389880: DT466, 6-sp., Lyncoach 24' Van Body, Roll Up Rear Door, Lift Gate, Side Door, S/A,
1993 International 4700LP Box Van, s/n 1HTSLPLMXPH513214: 5-sp., 20' Bed, Side Door, Rear Swing Door, S/A, Has Propane Tank for Heater
2004 International 8600 Flatbed Truck, s/n 1HSHWA4N54J081253: 10-sp., S/A, Gooseneck Hitch, 332K mi.
2004 International 8600 Flatbed Truck, s/n 1HSHWAHN54J081253: 10-sp., S/A, Gooseneck Hitch, 332K mi.
2003 Peterbilt 330 Flatbed Truck, s/n 2NPNHD7X33M809226: S/A, Day Cab, Fuller 6-sp., 248K mi.
2000 Peterbilt 330 Truck, s/n 1NPNHDTX3Y5524910: 6-sp., Lift Gate, Transmission Issues - Has Only 3rd Gear and Reverse
1998 Freightliner Flatbed Truck, s/n 2FV6FCXA7WA956036: S/A, Fuller 9-sp., 18' Bed
1995 Ford F-Series Flatbed Truck, s/n 1FDXF80C3SVA30875: S/A, 5-sp., Winch
2006 Ford F750 Cab & Chassis, s/n 3FRXW75F66V356717: Cummins 5.9 Eng., Allison 6-sp. Auto, A/C, Air Brakes, 33000 GVW, PTO w/ Tank, Odometer Shows 73K mi.
2012 GMC Excellance Cab & Chassis, s/n 1GD675CL9C1164849: Diesel
2005 Ottawa/Kalmar 30 Spotter Truck, s/n 308949 (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): Diesel, Auto, Spring Susp., Air Slide 5th Wheel, 35K mi.
2000 Ottawa Hostler Trailer Jockey
1989 International Sweeper Truck, s/n 1HTLAZPM1KH540987
2002 International 4400 Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSMKAAN12H541890: T/A, 1 Single Pull Axle, 1 Single Lift Axle, Eaton Fuller 6-sp.
Isometrics 8000-gallon Fuel Tank, s/n 572FS002 (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): 2002 yr, Gorman Rupp Pump, Liquid Control Meter, Register, TVC, Deadman Control, Aircraft Jet Fuel Re-fueler/De-fueler
1998 International Truck Tractor, s/n 1HSHCAARXWH590206: T/A, 1 Single Pull Axle, 1 Single Lift Axle, 6-sp.
Isometrics 8000-gallon Fuel Tank, s/n 572FS006 (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): 2002 yr, Gorman Rupp Pump, Liquid Control Meter, Register, TVC, Deadman Control, Aircraft Jet Fuel Re-fueler/De-fueler
2019 Landoll 930C Trailer: 53', On Board Scales, Warn 10-ton Hyd. Winch, Strobes, Extra Chain Slots, Access Steps on Both Sides
2006 Ferree LTTV-50 NGB Detach Trailer, s/n 4F7TL02366A068671: Tri-axle, 24' Deck
1995 Talbert NGB Detach Lowboy, s/n 40FW04830S1011980: 50-ton, Tri-axle, 22' Well, 102" Wide, Self-contained, Outriggers, 119K lbs. GVWR
1995 EMI Lowboy, s/n 1EMLB50R5S591767A
1974 Load King Lowboy, s/n 5324 (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): Model 503LF, 50-ton, 3-axle, No Ramps, Folding Neck
1972 Hyster Lowboy, s/n 16679
2006 Trailking TK70HT-482 Drop Deck Trailer, s/n 1TKA048206M0091914
2007 Dragon Dump Trailer, s/n 1UNSD32287C053209
2003 Palmer TA24H Dump Trailer, s/n 1P924HS2X3A003065: 22-25 yard, Steel, Bedliner
1994 Ranch Belly-dump Trailer, s/n 1R9BSE508RL008329
1999 Fontaine Flatbed Trailer, s/n 13N148306X1587467: Model LFTW-6-804ASAK
1988 Ravens 45' Flatbed Trailer, s/n 1R1F24526JE880517: 120" Spread Axle, Air Ride Susp., Center-mount Crane, 48" Removeable Side Panels, Tarp
1998 Clark 42' Flatbed Trailer, s/n 1CD2L422XWA006347
1998 Clark 42' Flatbed Trailer, s/n 1CD2L422X8A006346
2005 Trailmobile 53' Van Trailer, s/n 2MN01JAH951003772: Sliding Axle
1997 Utility 45' Reefer Trailer, s/n 1UYVS2488VM985712: Carrier Cooling Unit
1989 Bootheel TSH42 42' Hopper Bottom Trailer, s/n 1B9111620KP073418
1977 Chamberlin 40' Grain Trailer, s/n 3-1100: T/A, Swing Rear Gates
2019 Delta 32' Gooseneck Trailer, s/n 4MWGF3225KN046693: T/A, Hyd. Dovetail
2016 Caliber 6x20 Trailer, s/n 57BWG6205G1024902: Bumper-pull, T/A, Rear Ramp, Side Rails
Unused 2019 Barrentine 18' Car Hauler, s/n 53VBC1827KG034351: 6'10" Wide
Shopbuilt Trailer (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): T/A, Pintle Hitch, Dovetail, Ramps
36' Gooseneck Hay Hauler: 3-axle
Shopbuilt 21' Trailer: 9' Wide, Bumper-pull, No Floor
Shopbuilt 18' Trailer: T/A, Bumper-pull, Dovetail, Ramps
2018 Ocmis VR4 Irrigation Reel: 1150' of 3.7 Hose, Like New (Located in Tuscaloosa, AL)
2200' of 6" Aluminum Twist Lock Irrigation Pipe: Trailer Included (Located in Tuscaloosa, AL)
Amadas C1033PT Reel Rain Irrigation Unit, s/n A36583 w/ Hose (Located in Headland, Alabama)
Rainbow Irrigation Motor and Pump
56 pcs of 30'x3" Aluminum Irrigation Pipe (Located in Headland, Alabama)
55 pcs of 30'x6" Aluminum Irrigation Pipe - 1 pc is 15' (Located in Headland, Alabama)
2018 Mahindra 6075 MFWD Tractor, s/n MU4C1146: Front Loader, 3rd Valve for Front Hyd., 298 hrs
Mahindra 6500 MFWD Tractor, s/n PS2053M5
John Deere 7130 Tractor, s/n L07130h586689: C/A, 6-cyl. Diesel, 16-sp. PowerQuad, Left Hand Reverser, 3PH, PTO, Drawbar, 460/85R38 Rears, 345/85R28 Fronts, Alama Boom Mower
John Deere 6300 Tractor, s/n L06300H155629
2017 John Deere 6120M MFWD Tractor, s/n 1L06120MCHG875654: Cab, 3PH, Drawbar, 3 Hyd. Remotes, Warranty until 4/12/2020 or 2000 hrs, Meter Shows 1194 hrs
John Deere 5320 Tractor, s/n LV5320P336351: Cab, 2wd, Power Reverser, 3PH, PTO, 4324 hrs
John Deere 5320 Tractor, s/n LV5320P336347: Cab, 2wd, Power Reverser, 3PH, PTO, 4433 hrs
John Deere 5320 Tractor, s/n LV5320P336357: Cab, 2wd, Power Reverser, 3PH, PTO, 6320 hrs
John Deere 5203 Tractor, s/n PY5203U000375: Diesel, 2wd
John Deere 5075E MFWD Tractor, s/n PY5075E001026: w/ JD 553 Loader
John Deere 4850 Tractor, s/n RW4850P009277: C/A, Rear Duals, 2wd, 6906 hrs
John Deere 4640 Tractor, s/n 023312RW
John Deere 3320 MFWD Tractor, s/n P136332: Canopy, Front Weights, Diesel, 3PH, Has Plumbing and Joystick for Loader, Air Ride Seat
John Deere 3005 Tractor, s/n 510266: 2wd, Turf Tires, 2110 hrs
John Deere 2040 Tractor, s/n 186136: Diesel, 2wd
John Deere 1650 Tractor, s/n CH1650A003543: 2wd, Diesel
2011 John Deere 1023E Tractor, s/n 1LV1023EHBE111307: 340 hrs
New Holland TS100A MFWD Tractor, s/n ACP219209: Cab, 3PH, Drawbar, 2 Hyd. Remotes, Rear Wheel Counter Weight, Diamond Ditch Bank Mower, 1456 hrs
Case IH 275 Tractor, s/n CCJ002863: 2wd, 1749 hrs
Kubota M9960 MFWD Tractor, s/n 56711: C/A, Loader
Kubota M9960 MFWD Tractor, s/n 54450: C/A
Kubota M7040 MFWD Tractor, s/n 88348: 2-post Canopy, Front Weights
Kubota M5700DT MFWD Tractor, s/n 50378
Kubota 4900 Tractor, s/n 10339: 2wd
Kubota 4900 Tractor, s/n 11171: 2wd
Kubota 4900 Tractor, s/n 10290: 2wd
Kubota 4900 Tractor, s/n 10252: 2wd
Kubota L4310 Tractor, s/n 30350: 2wd
Kubota L3830 MFWD Tractor, s/n 32368: HST, New Motor w/ Warranty, 1400 hrs
Kubota B7610HSD MFWD Tractor, s/n 55304
Kubota B7610HSD MFWD Tractor, s/n 55300
Kubota B2301 Tractor, s/n 51505: Turf Tires, 3PH, Drawbar, 518 hrs
Kubota B2301 MFWD Tractor, s/n 51239
Kubota BX1850 Tractor, s/n 53208
International 1466 Tractor, s/n U029356: Turbo, 2wd, 3PH, Wide Front, Dual Remote, Drawbar, Front Weights
International 1586 Tractor, s/n U011152: 2wd, Rear Duals, Cab
Massey Ferguson 283 Tractor, s/n C05070: 2WD, 4-cyl Diesel, 8713 hrs
Massey Ferguson 283 Tractor, s/n E25091: 2WD, Perkins 3-cyl Diesel, 4396 hrs
Massey Ferguson 275 Tractor, s/n 9A311471: 2wd, Diesel
Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor, s/n 1015740: 2wd, 4-cyl. Gas Eng., 3215 hrs
Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor, s/n 9A169853: 2wd, 2-cyl Diesel, 4610 hrs
Massey Ferguson 135 Tractor, s/n 9A60429: 2wd, Diesel
Ford 3000 Tractor, s/n B939904: 2wd, 3-cyl. Diesel
Ford 3000 Tractor, s/n B853853: 2wd, Diesel
Ford 1710 Tractor, s/n UL11708: 2wd, Diesel
Zetor 4320 Tractor, s/n 5104: 2wd, 4-cyl. Diesel
2014 Dodge Ram 5500 4WD Cab & Chassis, s/n 3C7WRNBL4EG190539: 6.7 Cummins Eng., Heavy-duty Ranch Hand Front Bumper, Warren 12000 lb. Winch, Bad Transmission / Shift Problems, 169K mi.
2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Pickup, s/n 3GTP1VE06DG340806: 350 V8 Eng., 2wd, Auto
2011 Ford F150 STX 4WD Pickup, s/n 1FTFX1EFXBFC44926: Ext. Cab, 207K mi.
2011 Ford F150 XLT 4WD Pickup, s/n 1FTFW1EF8BFC90662: 4-door, 154K mi.
2010 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 3GCRCREA5AG253266: Flex Fuel, 4-door, 4.8L Eng., Auto, 158K mi. (Utility-Owned)
2010 Nissan Titan Pickup, s/n 1N6AA0ED5AN323314: 4-door, V8 Eng., 177K mi.
2010 Ford F150 XL Pickup, s/n 1FTEX1CW0AKC17867: Gas Eng., 2wd, Ext. Cab, Tommy Lift Gate, 130K mi.
2009 Chevy Silverado Z71 4WD Pickup, s/n 3GCEK23M09G239518: 4-door, 186K mi.
2008 Nissan Titan Pickup, s/n 1N68A07D28N354502: 4-door, V8 Eng., 189K mi.
2008 Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4WD Pickup, s/n 1GCHK29688E162716: Duramax Diesel, Auto
2008 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 1GCEC19C38Z324308
2008 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 2GCEK13M581196893
2007 Dodge 3500 Flatbed Truck, s/n 3D7ML48A77G792026: Crew Cab, Cummins 6.7L Turbo Diesel, Auto, PW/DL, CM Bed w/ Gooseneck Hitch, 239K mi.
2007 Ford F450 Truck: Starting Problem
2007 GMC Sierra Z71 4WD Pickup, s/n 2GTEK19J171611381: Ext. Cab, Leather, 168K mi.
2006 GMC Sierra Pickup, s/n 1GTEC14V26Z140693: 2wd, Auto
2006 Ford F150 XLT 4WD Pickup, s/n 1FTPW14V16KC77469: 5.4 Triton, 4-door, 173K mi.
2006 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 2GCEK13T161198502
2006 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTPW14V56BF77481
2006 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTRX12W06FA10785
2005 Chevy 3500 4WD Flatbed Truck, s/n 1GBJK33U15F922414: 4-door, Auto, Gooseneck Hook Up
2005 Chevy 1500 4WD Pickup, s/n 1GCEK19B15E257379: Ext. Cab, 168K mi.
2005 Ford F250 Pickup, s/n 1FTSW20P55EB43164: 4-door, Auto, 208K mi.
2005 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 1GCEC14V15Z212482: 2wd, Auto, 189K mi.
2005 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTRF12WX5NA34342
2005 Ford F250 Pickup, s/n 1FTNF20S75EB30833: 2wd, Utility Bed, 283K mi.
2004 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 1GCEC19X14Z115906: Ext. Cab
2004 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 2GCEC19V141171772: 162K
2004 Ford Ranger Pickup, s/n 1FTZR11U94TA15623
2003 GMC Sierra Pickup, s/n 1GTEC14V13Z161787: 2wd, Auto
2003 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 2GCEC19X631153493
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup, s/n 1D7HA18N83J620315: Crew Cab, V8 Eng., 228K mi.
2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup, s/n 3D7KA28663G843989: 5.9L Cummins Diesel, Leather, Ext. Cab, 169K mi.
2003 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 2FTRX07L23CA21920
2002 Chevy Silverado Z71 4WD Pickup, s/n 2GCEK19T721110487: Ext. Cab, 167K mi.
2002 Ford F350 Truck, s/n 1FDWW36FT2EA34086: 2wd, 4-door, Utility Bed, V8 Diesel, 5-sp.
2001 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTRW07W81KF94665: 2wd, 4-door, Triton V8
2001 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTRW07W91KA02304: 2wd, 4-door, Triton V8
2001 Chevy Silverado Pickup, s/n 1GCHK23U31F105394
2001 Ford Ranger Pickup, s/n 1FTYR14U71TA546??
2000 Ford Econoline Van, s/n 1FBSS31L0YHA46605
2000 Chevy 1500 Pickup, s/n 2GCE19T8Y1120922: Ext. Cab, Step Side, 192K mi.
2000 Chevy S10 Pickup, s/n 1GCCS1945YK160992: Ext. Cab, Auto
1998 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTZF1768WNB30318: 2wd, Triton V8
1998 Ford F150 Pickup, s/n 1FTZF1762WNB31819: 2wd, Auto
1997 Ford F350 Flatbed Truck, s/n 1FDJF37W5VEC07358: Gas, 5-sp., Ladder Rack, 252K mi.
1997 Chevy 4WD Pickup, s/n 1GCEK19M5VE262098
1995 Toyota 4WD Pickup, s/n 4TAVN73F7SZ043907: V6 Eng., 5-sp, Ext. Cab, 205K mi.
2014 Volkswagen Jetta, s/n 3VWD17AJ3EM227571: 4-door, 121K mi.
2013 Nissan Rogue SUV, s/n JN8AS5MT0DW011653: 4-door, Auto, 93K mi.
2013 Ford Focus, s/n 1FADP3F29DL291700
2013 Mercedes C250, s/n WDDGF4HB1DA829627
2013 Toyota Camry, s/n 4T4BF1FK4DR285131: 137K mi.
2012 Chevy Equipnox SUV, s/n 2GNACDEK2C114387: 4-door, 127K mi.
2012 Dodge Caravan, s/n 2C4RDGCG3CR137425: 3rd Row Seat, 157K mi.
2011 Acura TL, s/n 19UUA8F2XBA001533: 4-door, Auto, 199K mi.
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD SUV, s/n 1J4RR6GT2BC555835: 4-door, 116K mi.
2011 Audi A4, s/n WAUFFAFL2BN051695: Leather, Sunroof, 127K mi.
2011 GMC Terrain, s/n 2CTALSEC2B6354840: 125K mi.
2010 Ford Explorer XLT, s/n 1FMEU6DE8AUA37581: 4-door, Auto, 190K mi.
2009 Honda Pilot, s/n 5FNYF38669B023633: Sunroof, 192K mi.
2008 Dodge Nitro, s/n 1D8GT28K88W243802: 4-door, 110K mi.
2008 Nissan Sentra, s/n 3N1AB61E58L75C362: 4-door, 184K mi.
2008 GMC Acadia SUV, s/n 1GKER23748J305835: 4-door, Auto, 93K mi.
2007 Lexus GX470 4WD SUV, s/n JTJBT20X270144679: V8 Eng., Auto, 4-door, 1-Owner, All Scheduled Maintenance, 212K mi.
2007 Audi A8, s/n WAUMV44E47N025204
2007 Pontiac G6 GT, s/n 1G2ZH351774187327
2007 Hummer H2 Limited, s/n 5GRGN22U87H107156: 4-door, 99K mi.
2007 Chevy Tahoe, s/n 1GNFC13097R332518
2006 Ford Explorer, s/n 1FMEU73E26UA54665: 4-door, Auto, 186K mi.
2006 Lincoln Town Car, s/n 1LNHM82V86Y616291: Limited, 4-door, 223K mi.
2006 Buick Lucerne, s/n 1G4HR57Y96U179234: 4-door, 138K mi.
2006 Jeep Commander 4WD, s/n 1J8HG48N56C232101
2005 Volkswagen Beetle, s/n 3VWCD31C25M415995: 3-door, Turbo, Auto, 103K mi.
2005 Chevy Monte Carlo, s/n 2G1WW12E359335038
2005 Toyota 4Runner, s/n JTEZT14R150023352: 226K mi.
2005 Chevy Trailblazer, s/n 1GNET16S556185377
2005 Jeep Wrangler, s/n 1J4FA44S65P358609: Soft Top, Custom Built, Winch
2004 Cadillac Deville, s/n 1G6KD57Y34U243048: Leather, 132K mi.
2004 Nissan Murano, s/n JN8AZ08W64W337704: 4-door, All Wheel Drive, 202K mi.
2003 Cadillac Escalade SUV, s/n 1GYEK63N93R138821: 4-door, Auto, 204K mi.
2003 BMW 325i, s/n WBAET37483NJ36033: 4-door, Auto, 147K mi.
2003 Ford Expedition 4WD, s/n 1FMFU16W43LA60992: 4-door, 209K mi.
2003 Mercedes C240, s/n WDBRF61J23F346812
2002 Ford Taurus, s/n 1FAH956S52A219981: 4-door, 173K mi.
2001 Ford Expedition 4WD, s/n 1FMFU18L41LA93684: Eddie Bauer Edition, 3rd Seat, 210K mi.
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, s/n 1J4G248S0YC150104: 2wd, 4-door, 198K mi.
1995 Jeep 4WD, s/n 1J4FY19P5SP249486: Soft Top, 5-sp., Hard Doors
1994 GMC S15, s/n 1GTCS19ZXR8503533
1989 Jeep Wrangler, s/n 2J4FY49T7KJ125232: Auto, Hard Top, 159K mi.
1987 Suzuki Samurai 4WD, s/n 1S4JC51C0H4161841: 5-sp.
1987 Jeep Wrangler 4WD, s/n 2BCCV8118HB544052: Soft Top, 5-sp.
1987 Chevy C10 Pickup: Auto, Factory A/C, 60K Original Miles
1984 Chevy K5 Blazer 4WD: Military, PS, PB, AT, 50K mi.
1972 Chevy Pickup, s/n CE140A09771
1935 Plymouth Sedan, s/n 2524914: Suicide Doors, Flathead 6-cyl. Eng., Manual Trans.
1923 Homemade T Bucket, s/n P0PS1923: Chevy 327 Eng., Turbo Trans., Ford 9" Rear End, 2.73 Gears, Tilt Steering
1997 Tiffin Allegro 32' Motor Home, s/n 1GBKP37N0V3310246: 454 Gas Eng., Onan Generator, 25K mi.
1996 Harley Davidson XL8 Motorcycle, s/n 1HD4CAM19TY225300
2002 Titan Motorcycle, s/n 5TMBF14492C005072: Custom, SS Eng.
2005 Harley Davidson FLSTC1 Motorcycle
2007 Crownline 180 Boat, s/n OW676608: 4.3 Mercruiser Eng w/ 174 hrs, Trailer
2012 Air Ranger 18' Air Boat, s/n FLZDK786E212: Continental 6-cyl. High Power Eng., Carbon Prop, Drive On Trailer, Wetlands Camo Pkg., Well w/ Pump, 3 Seater
Rajun Cajun Mullet Boat (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): 17'x7', No Trailer
John Deere Gator 4WD Utility Vehicle, s/n RA013087: Crew Cab, Manual Dump, IRS Susp., JD Gas Eng., 1673 hrs
2013 John Deere TX Gator 4X2 Utility Vehicle, s/n 1M0TURFJVDM081205
2011 Polaris 800 Utility Vehicle, s/n 4XAWH76AB167124: Crew Cab, Windshield, Winch w/ Bumper, Dual Battery System
2014 Bennche 500 Big Horn 4WD Utility Vehicle, s/n LWGMDTZ4XEB003500: Dump Bed, 1200 mi.
Toro Multipro 1200 SprayPro Cart, s/n 210000160: 160-gal. Sprayer, Folding Spray Arms, Hose & reel, 3-sp.
2014 Polaris Sickspeed Utility Cart, s/n 4XAVE76A7EF363035: 73 hrs
Shaller Go Kart, s/n 7173: 2-seater, Honda 9hp Eng.
2017 Gravely ZTHDHD Zero-turn Mower, s/n 000354: 44" Cut, Kawasaki 21.5hp Eng., 252 hrs
2017 Gravely ZT42 Zero-turn Mower, s/n 035771: 42" Cut, Kawasaki 21.5hp Eng., 121 hrs
ExMark Laser Z Zero-turn Mower: Ultra Cut 60", Kohler Command Pro EFI w/ Red Technology 999cc Eng., 423 hrs
ExMark Laser Z Zero-turn Mower, s/n 3136247: 60" Cut, Kohler EVC940 EFI Eng., 348 hrs
ExMark Laser ZXP Zero-turn Mower: 72" Deck, 2638 hrs
ExMark Zero-turn Mower, s/n 221081: Model LZZ6KC724: Commercial 72" Deck, Kohler Gas Eng., 686 hrs
John Deere 997 Z Trak Mower, s/n TC997SC040971: 72" Deck, Canopy, Diesel Eng., 1134 hrs
John Deere 757 Z Trak Zero-turn Mower: 1240 hrs
John Deere Z710A Zero-turn Mower
Kubota Z723 Zero-turn Mower: Kohler 22.5 Eng., 933 hrs
Kubota ZX321N Zero-turn Mower, s/n 10044: 54" Cut, Diesel, 1390 hrs
Kubota Z125 Zero-turn Mower, s/n 27045
Kubota ZD21 Zero-turn Mower, s/n 42272: 60" Deck, Meter Shows 869 hrs
Cub Cadet RZTL Zero-turn Mower, s/n 10116: Kohler 22hp Eng.
Scag SFZ48 Zero-turn Mower, s/n D1503033
Hustler Fastrak Zero-turn Mower, s/n 06041168: 36" Cut
Kubota F3680 Front Deck Mower, s/n 16854: 72" Deck, Diesel, 1276 hrs
Jacobsen LF3800 Fairway Mower, s/n 6794701883
John Deere 2653A Pro Utility Mower, s/n 110465: Diesel, Meter Shows 1784 hrs
2015 Gravely ProStance 52 Stand-On Mower, s/n 994122: 612 hrs
MTD Pro Walk-behind Mower: w/ Sulky 52" Deck
John Deere 220B Walk-behind Reel Mower, s/n X021086: Gas Eng., w/ Dolly
Swisher Commercial Pro 44 Mower: Pull-behind, Kawasaki Gas Eng.
Kubota BV4160 Hay Baler, s/n KB168344: Net Wrap, One Owner, Shaft & Monitor
2016 BushHog RMB1865 Boom Mower, s/n M1643544: 5' Mower, Joystick Controller, PTO-driven, 3PH
John Deere 595 Series 3PH Backhoe Attachment: (Owned by Alabama Power)
Rhino TR96 8' Rotary Mower, s/n 11148
(3) Bushwacker T180 18' Batwing Mowers
Industrius Americus 2424 Offset Disc, s/n 2230: 24-blade, Pull-type, Manual Lift
Industrius Americus 08VPT 8' Rotary Hoe, s/n 0173: Pull-type, 3PH
Industrius Americus 10VPT 10' Rotary Hoe, s/n 0171: Pull-type, 3PH
Stihl Limb Saw, s/n 11709: Hydraulic, Mounts to Tractor Bucket
DHR 10' Landleveler
LMC 7' Box Blade, s/n 137378
(2) DHR 8' Standard Tilt Angle Blades w/ Quick Hitch
Fred Cain Boom Pole
(2) Unused 6' Buckets
15-blade Disc
BushHog RDTH60 5' Finishing Mower, s/n 12-03449
Camel Back 12" Pond Drain
Unused 2015 Altec 76' Bucket Truck Body, s/n 14576: 2-man Bucket, 2000 lb. Material Handler
Warren Dump Bed, sn 42287
(2) Grill Guards for Dodge Truck
(5) 40' High Cube Shipping Containers
(5) 20' Shipping Containers
55-gal of Degreaser
1000-gallon Fuel Tank
500-gallon Fuel Tank
Fuel Boss 110V Diesel Exhaust Fluid Transfer Pump
2011 Freightliner Cascadia Condo Truck Tractor, s/n 1FUJGLDR1BLAV7203: DD15 Eng., Eaton 10-sp., 3.55 Gears, Crank Failure, Approx. 917K mi.
1982 Ford 9000 Dump Truck, s/n 1FDY090W7CVA51384 (No Title - Bill of Sale Only)
2010 Ford F350 Flatbed Truck, s/n 1FDWW3HR6AEA98495: 4-door, Auto, Rear Hyd. Hookup, Oil in Water, 189K mi.
Kubota M5400 MFWD Tractor, s/n 70117: Diesel, Front Loader w/ Bkt., Motor Problems
2000 Honda Foreman TRX450ES 4WD ATV: Runs but won't move
2009 Kawasaki KAF400A 4WD Utility Vehicle, s/n JK1AFEA129B541327: Gas Eng., Dump Bed, Windshield, Engine Problems
Yamaha Golf Cart, s/n JN4-102165: No Batteries
Auction Day 2  
ExMark S-Series Zero-turn Mower, s/n 953149: 2644 hrs
2011 Cat D6T LGP Dozer, s/n KJL01247: C/A, Sweeps, Screens, Angle Blade w/ Tilt, Paccar Cable Winch, Drawbar, Aux. Valve, 6887 hrs
2003 Cat D6N LGP Dozer, s/n ALY00471: C/A, Heat, 6-way Blade
Cat D6M XL Dozer, s/n 3WN03312: C/A, Sweeps, 6-way Blade, Winch
Cat D6M XL Dozer, s/n 3WN02448
2012 Cat D6K XL Dozer, s/n FBH02164: C/A, Heat, 6-way Blade, ARO Readt, 3rd Valve
Cat D5N LGP Dozer, s/n 1891: C/A, 6-way Blade
Cat D5H Dozer, s/n 8RC05927: Encl. Cab, Sweeps, 6-way Blade
2011 Cat D3K LGP Dozer, s/n LLL00869: Canopy, Sweeps, 6-way Blade, 2148 hrs
Cat D3C Dozer, s/n 5X21977
Case 650L Dozer, s/n C60049
Case 650K Series 2 LGP Dozer, s/n 1002440: Canopy, 6-way Blade
Case 650K Dozer, s/n C002983
2001 Komatsu D39PX-21 Dozer, s/n 1067: Canopy, 6-way Blade, 6108 hrs
Komatsu D39PX Dozer, s/n 1002282: Encl. Cab, 6-way Blade, Sweeps
Komatsu D39E-1 Dozer, s/n 96257: Canopy, 6-way Blade, 4378 hrs
2013 Komatsu D31PX-22 Dozer, s/n 60822: Encl. Cab, 6-way Blade, Pull Bar, 4726 hrs
Komatsu D31P Dozer, s/n 158492: Canopy, Sweeps, 6-way Blade
Fiat Allis FD145 Dozer, s/n 7M100379: St. Blade, Canopy, 3174 hrs
Dresser TD12C Dozer, s/n 1212P1103: Canopy, St. Blade w/ Tilt
Volvo EC330BLC Excavator, s/n 10403: 60" Bkt. w/ Teeth, Missing Glass
2011 Volvo EC250DL Excavator, s/n VCE250DT00210037: Hyd. Thumb, Hensley 54" Bkt. w/ Teeth, 5931 hrs
2012 Kobelco SK260LC-9 Excavator, s/n LL14U1729: C/A, High UC, 54" Bkt.
2006 John Deere 240DLC Excavator, s/n FF240DX605321: Encl. Cab, 31.5" Tracks, 52" Bkt., Meter Shows 9260 hrs
2006 John Deere 200CLC Excavator, s/n FF200CXX507140: Esco Bkt.
2014 JCB JS145LC Excavator, s/n C02134278: 8'2" Stick, C/A, Aux. Hydraulics, 3183 hrs
2002 Cat 322CL Excavator, s/n BKJ00497: 7500 hrs
2006 Cat 318CL Excavator, s/n MDY00744: C/A, Former County Machine, 6545 hrs
Cat 315CL Excavator, s/n CJC04094
2012 Hyundai Robex 210LC-9 Excavator, s/n 01143: Encl. Cab, Std. Stick, Bkt., TBG Pads
2005 Cat 140H VHP Motor Grader, s/n APM01997: C/A, Rear Ripper/Scar., Push Block, 14' Moldboard, Side Shift, Tip Control, Circle Drive Slip, Top Con Ready, Diff Lock, 17.5R25 Radials
Cat 140G Motor Grader, s/n 72V08876: C/A, Mid-mount Scarifier, 14' Moldboard, Side Shift, Tip Control, 14.00R24 Tires, Diff Lock, Former County Machine
Cat 12 Motor Grader, s/n 99FA304
Komatsu GD530A-2CY Motor Grader, s/n 210004: Encl. Cab, Mid-mount Scarifier w/o Shanks
Gehl MG747 Motor Grader, s/n 12880164: 7' Push Blade, 9' Moldboard, Scarifier, Canopy
Leeboy 685 Motor Grader, s/n 375: Hydrostatic, Cummins Diesel, Canopy, 10' Moldboard, Front-mtd. Blade, 15-19.5 Tires, 3914 hrs
Cat 621B Motor Scraper, s/n 45P1692: Canopy, 29.5-29 Tires
Cat 613 Motor Scraper, s/n 71M3808
Case 340 Off Road Truck, s/n HHD000744
2003 Komatsu HM400-1 Off Road Truck, s/n 1064: C/A, R25 Tires
2005 Komatsu HM300-1 Off Road Truck, s/n 1254: 6800 hrs
2009 Komatsu WA380-6 Rubber-tired Loader, s/n A53499: C/A, GP Bkt., Coupler, Ride Control, 23.5R25 Tires
2016 Komatsu WA270-8 Rubber-tired Loader, s/n 83089: C/A, Heat, Backup Camera, JRB Hydraulic Coupler & Bkt., 5605 hrs
2006 John Deere 844J Rubber-tired Loader, s/n DW844JX608040: C/A, High Lift Arrangement, 29.5R25 Tires, Pin On Bkt., Ride Control, Clutch Control Cut Off
1997 John Deere 544H Rubber-tired Loader, s/n PW544HX563788
John Deere 304K Rubber-tired Loader, s/n 1LU304KXCZB038831: 2-post Canopy, Coupler, Roll Out Bkt., 405/70R20 Tires, 6272 hrs
Cat 928G Rubber-tired Loader, s/n DJD00506
Cat IT28G Rubber-tired Loader, s/n 8CR01486: Encl. Cab, Forks & Bucket
2012 Case 580N 4WD Loader Backhoe, s/n LCC560204: Canopy, 24" Rear Bkt., 2453 hrs
2006 John Deere 310G 4WD Loader Backhoe, s/n 955820: 3663 hrs
Cat 420E 4WD Loader Backhoe, s/n DJL01788: Canopy, 84" Front Loader, 28" Backhoe Bkt., Meter Shows 3085 hrs
Cat 416C 4WD Extendahoe, s/n 5YN15681: Encl. Cab
Komatsu WB146-5 4WD Loader Backhoe, s/n A23495
2016 Kubota BX25 4WD Loader Backhoe, s/n 33488: Kubota Diesel, 434 hrs
2015 JCB 67C1 Midi Excavator, s/n 1912943: Blade, Rubber Tracks, 1232 hrs
2012 John Deere 85D Midi Excavator, s/n BG016663: C/A, Heat, Push Blade, 22' Bkt., Rubber Block Pads, 4971 hrs
2016 Terex TC16-2 Mini Excavator, s/n 20142: Bkt., 3'1" Stick, Swing Away Boom, Hyd. Extendable Tracks, 502 hrs
2016 Terex TC16-2 Mini Excavator, s/n 20138: Bkt., 3'1" Stick, Swing Away Boom, Hyd. Extendable Tracks, 567 hrs
2006 Volvo EC20B Mini Excavator, s/n 27283256: Blade, 2005 hrs
Kubota KX91-2SR1 Mini Excavator, s/n 20342
Bobcat 331 Mini Excavator, s/n 11896
Takeuchi TB138 Mini Excavator, s/n 138200902
2014 Cat 289D Skid Steer, s/n TAW01681: C/A, Aux. Hydraulics, Joystick Controls, 2047 hrs
2013 Cat 289C2 Skid Steer, s/n RTD01644: C/A, Aux. Hydraulics, 2-sp., Joystick Controls, Hyd QC, New Tracks & Sprockets, 2362 hrs
2009 Cat 289C Skid Steer, s/n JMP00627: C/A, Hyd. Quick Coupler, GP Bkt. w/ Teeth, High Flow, 2-sp.
Cat 277B Skid Steer, s/n MDH04592: Rubber Tracks, GP Bkt., Turbo, 4112 hrs
Cat 247B Skid Steer, s/n MTL02361: C/A, 2511 hrs
2017 Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer, s/n 14222: C/A, 20 hrs
2017 Kubota SLV75-2 Skid Steer, s/n 23218: Canopy, New Trans., Warranty until 6/20, 1820 hrs
2017 ASV RT75 Skid Steer, s/n HDS01091: Cummins Diesel, Continuous Flow Aux. Hydraulics, Joystick Controls, Hyd. QC, 578 hrs
2005 John Deere CT322 Skid Steer: Canopy, 2500 hrs
New Holland LS185B Skid Steer, s/n N5M410092
Gehl 5240 Skid Steer, s/n 433098: GP Bkt.
2013 Boxer 320 Mini Track Loader, s/n 3901: Aux. Hydraulics, Bkt., 909 hrs
1996 Vermeer V5800 Trencher/Backhoe, s/n VRM092W1S1000142
Vermeer RT200 Walk-behind Trencher, s/n 1VRX081FX51000931: 98 hrs (Owned by Alabama Power)
2001 Ingersoll Rand SD100D Vibratory Roller, s/n 167429: Pro Pac Series, Smooth Drum, Canopy
Ingersoll Rand SD100D Vibratory Roller, s/n 152433: Pro Pac Series, Smooth Drum, Canopy, 5368 hrs
2007 Cat CB434D Tandem Drum Roller, s/n CNH00787
2003 Cat CB434C Tandem Drum Roller, s/n 4DN00515
2014 Dynapac/CP AR90G Tandem Vibratory Roller, s/n C004224: Honda Eng., 36" Drums, Water System, 657 hrs
2012 Hamm HD+120V Tandem Roller, s/n H1840620: Canopy, 78" Drums, Water System, Deutz Diesel, 3450 hrs
Hamm HD10 Tandem Vibratory Roller, s/n 43218: Deutz Diesel, Hydrostatic Trans., Articulating, 39.4" Smooth Drums, Water System, Rollbar, 1292 hrs
Dresser Galion S8/10.5 Tandem Roller, s/n CD61156: Smooth Drums (Owned by MDOT)
Wacker Double Drum Roller
Unused 2019 HSZT HS600 Tandem Vibratory Walk-behind Roller, s/n GY1901010: Kohler Eng.
2013 Dynapac Trench Compactor, s/n BGF040289: Hatz Diesel, 33" Drums, Remote Control
2013 Dynapac Trench Compactor, s/n BGF030330: Hatz Diesel, 33" Drums, Remote Control
2011 Mauldin 1750C Crawler Asphalt Paver: JD Diesel, 8'6" to 14'6" Hyd. Screed, Dual Controls, Crown/Grade/Slope Controls, 2647 hrs
Lee-Boy 1000D Asphalt Paver, s/n 40783: Diesel Eng., 8-13' Hyd. Screed, Dual Controls, Vibrator, 1517 hrs
Rosco SW Pro Broom, s/n 482040443: 8' Broom, C/A, 1433 hrs
Grun GM600 Hydroseeder, s/n 080706: Kohler Pro 27 Eng., 600-gal. Stainless Steel Tank, 288 hrs
Haybuster 2554 Hay Blower, s/n EJ035654: Pull-behind
Reinco Hay Blower: JD Diesel, Trailer-mounted (No Title)
FMC Linkbelt HC50 Truck Crane, s/n 36HI-869: 50-ton (Selling Offsite - Located in Greenwood, MS)
Koehring Spanner 665 Crawler Crane, s/n C18192: 65-ton, 100' Boom, Counterweights
2007 Cat TL943 Telescopic Forklift, s/n TBL00679: Canopy, Crab Steer, Outriggers, 9000 lb. Cap., 3740 hrs
2007 Skytrak 6036 Telescopic Forklift, s/n 0160024578: 4x4x4, 6000 lb. Cap.
Lull 644B-42 Telescopic Forklift, s/n SEP96Z13N21-172: Cummins Eng.
Linde RX60-40 Forklift, s/n 516327A00087: w/ Charger (Owned by Alabama Power)
Clark TM15S Forklift, s/n 3219344FB: 3-wheel, 24V Electric, w/ Charger, 2475 lb. Cap.
Hyster E35XN Forklift, s/n A269N02234L: 48V Elec., 54" Forks, Side Shift (Owned by Alabama Power)
Crown FC4515-40 Forklift, s/n 9A171186: 48V Elec., w/ Charger, 94 hrs (Owned by Alabama Power)
Kesmac F5000 Piggyback Forklift, s/n 178: 5000 lb. Cap., 1140 hrs
Hyster R30XM2 Order Picker / Forklift, s/n G118N02420D: 24V Elec., 2500 lb Cap. (Owned by Alabama Power)
Hyster R30CH Order Picker / Forklift, s/n A186D01550H w/ Exide Depth Charger and Auto 1000 Battery Charger
2015 Cat 535D Grapple Skidder, s/n MTP00218: All Updates Performed, 65% Tires, Full Service Contract with Cat Dealer
2006 Magnolia LT4 4-bolster Log Trailer, s/n 6195
Nabors 40' Log Trailer (No Title - Bill of Sale Only): 4 Leaf Spring
2-bolster Foldable Log Trailer
2009 International WorkStar Mechanic Truck, s/n 1HTZZAAN79J068268: S/A, IH Diesel Eng., 7-sp., Tool Body, Hose Reels, Water Tank, Liftmoore Crane, Hyd. Lift, Rear Gate, 33000 GVW, 232K mi.
2007 Ford F650 Mechanic Truck, s/n 3FRNF65F57V474180: Cummins 5.9L Eng., 6-sp., 26000 GVW, Stellar 11' Bed, Stellar 10000 lb. Crane, Hyd. Air Compressor, Miller Welder, Lube Pack, Wireless Remote, 133K mi.
2006 Chevy C7500 Service Truck, s/n 1GBM7C1366F424378: 8.3L Duramax Diesel, Allison Auto, Reading 11' Bed, Hyd. Air Compressor, Invertor, 67K mi.
2005 International 4300 Mechanic Truck, s/n 1HTMNAAMX5H691740: DT466 Eng., Allison Auto, Spring Rear Susp., P/S, A/C, 12' Mechanic Body, Ventura HT40KX Hyd. Crane, Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, Outriggers, 152K mi.
2004 Chevy C7500 Service Truck, s/n 1GBM7C1304F521654: Duramax Diesel, 9-sp., IMT 1015 Crane, Hose Reels, Aux. Tank, 22.5 Alum., 154K mi.
2003 Chevy C7500 Mechanic Truck, s/n 1GBK7E13X3F518794: S/A, Duramax Diesel, 9-sp., Air Brakes, Adkins 11' Service Body, Auto Crane Hyd. Crane, Air Compressor, 246K mi.
2014 International 4300 Fuel & Lube Truck, s/n 3HAMMAAN9EL792824: 260hp Eng., 6-sp., Unused Fuel & Lube Bed, 3 110-gal. Product Tanks w/ Pumps & Reels, 110-gal. Antifreeze Tank w/ Pump & Reel, 110-gal Waste Oil System w/ Pump, 4-way Waste Oil Valve, 120# Grease w/ Pump, 700-gal Fuel Tank, Elec. Start 13hp Honda Air Compressor, All Reels & Pumps are Samson
2005 Western Star 4900 Fuel & Lube Truck, s/n 5KJJALAV85PU42457: Cat C15 Eng., Fuller 18-sp., 46K Rears, 20K Front, Double Locking Diff, Double Framed, Alum. Wheels Front & Rear, Neice Body, 2000-gal. Fuel Tank, Hyd. Air Compressor, 7 Product Tanks, Grease Gun, Waste Oil Recovery System, 10 Hoses & Reels, 36K mi.
1994 GMC C7500 Fuel & Lube Truck, s/n 1GDMTH1J5RJ505943: Cat Diesel Eng., Eaton 9-sp., 13' Bed, 500-gal Fuel Tank, 4 Product Tanks, Oil Recovery System, Air Compressor, Lift Gate, 131K mi.
2004 Mack Granite CV713 Water Truck, s/n 1M2AG11Y24M013241: T/A, Mack Factory Reman Eng., 10-sp., Camelback Susp., P/S, A/C, Locking Diff, New 4000-gal Tank, Front/Side/Rear Discharge, 3" Anti-siphon Fill, 4x3 Pump, 438K mi.
2007 Sterling LT9000 Water Truck, s/n 2FWBA2CC77AX16371: Detroit 60 Series Eng., 7-sp., Air Ride, Unused 2000-gal Water System, 2 Front/1 Side/2 Rear Sprayers, Air Operated and Cab Controlled, 4x3 PTO Pump
2006 International 4200 Water Truck, s/n 1H7MPAFP06H336557: S/A
Kubota RTV900 Utility Vehicle, s/n 14697
Kubota RTV500RA Utility Vehicle, s/n 36306
2012 Loftness G3 Carbide 72" Mulcher, s/n 42709: fits Skid Steer
Unused 2018 BRK 25 Hydraulic Rotaring Shear, s/n 181377: fits 50000-75000 lb. Excavator
2011 Cat H115ES Hydraulic Hammer: fits 13-22 Ton Excavator
Cat H100S Hydraulic Hammer: fits 8-15 Ton Excavator
NPK E216 Hydraulic Hammer: fits 28-43 Ton Excavator, Chisel Tool
Unused 2019 Mustang HM1300 Hydraulic Hammer, s/n AH90335: fits 15-30 Ton Excavator
Unused 2019 Mustang BRH501 Hydraulic Hammer, s/n AH90109: fits 15-35 Ton Excavator
Kent F4 Hydraulic Hammer, s/n 9928: fits Mini Excavator
Esco ES45 Hydraulic Hammer, s/n 4503935 w/ New Bit & Pins
Allied CS880 Hydraullc Hammer
Allid-Gator Large Shear for Excavator
(2) V Blades for Dozer
Unused Cat A26B Auger fits Skid Steer
Cat 74" HD Grapple Bucket fits Skid Steer
2016 Paladin 2-cylinder 72" Grapple, s/n 423705 for Wheel Loader
Unused Stout 66-9 Brush Grapple: Skid Steer Quick Attach
2016 Paladin 86" Broom Attachment, s/n 1613135: fits Skid Steer
Sweepster Broom, s/n 0942008 for Skid Steer
New 8' Rake: Heavy-duty, Straight Tines, fits JD 450G / Case 550 / Cat D3C or equal size machine
(2) New 78" Skeleton Buckets for Skid Steer
Hensley 24" Excavator Rock Bucket
(4) Rock Buckets: w/ 4" Tine Spacing: 66", 75", 80", 84"
(4) Skeleton Grapples w/ 4" Tine Spacing: 68", 74", 80", 84"
(2) Root Grapples w/ 8" Tine Spacing: 70", 80"
(2) Tine/Manure/Brush Grapples: 72", 82"
(2) Tree & Post Pullers
Heavy-duty 72" Brush Mower
(4) Universal Quick Attach Plates
(2) Receiver Hitches
Set of 7" Pallet Fork Extensions
New 6' Stacking Rake w/ Skid Steer Hitch
New Heavy-duty 6' Hydraulic Grapple w/ Skid Steer Htich
New Heavy-duty 96" Grapple Bucket w/ Skid Steer Hitch
New Unused Hydraulic Thumb: fits Mini Excavator or Backhoe
New Unused Tarter 6' Bionic Blade
New Wildkat 84" Root Grapple w/ Quick Hitch
50-ton Lifting Block
Bobcat Sweeper Attachment, s/n 690102907 for Skid Steer
Set of Cat Pallet Forks, s/n 140703349: fis Rubber-tired Loader
Sweepster Broom, s/n 0942009 for Skid Steer
Padfoot Shell Kit fos Ingersoll Rand SD100D
Baron Oil Reclaimer System, s/n 800919: Trailer-mounted, (Utility Company)
2017 Multiquip Light Plant / Generator, s/n 4GNBLAA11GB043358: Kohler Diesel, 1061 hrs
Miller SRH-444 Welder, s/n LC415826: 208/230/460 VOLT, 3-phase, No Leads, Unmounted
Unused Miller XMT304 CC/CV Welder: 70 Series, w/ Two 24-volt Wire Feeders
2017 Shark 4000psi Portable Steam Cleaner, s/n 0000111: Honda GX390 Eng., Trailer-mtd., 18 hrs
2005 Ingersoll Rand P185 Air Compressor, s/n 360024UHPB0Z: Portable, Kubota Diesel, 682 hrs
Ingersoll Rand 185 Portable Air Compressor: Diesel Eng., 1943 hrs
Ingersoll Rand 185 Air Compressor, s/n S09751050-127
New Unused Northstar Air Compressor: Portable, Honda GX390 Eng., Elec. Start
2012 Magnum 6" Portable Trash Pump, s/n 1205950: JD Diesel, Pioneer Pump
Ingersoll Rand WS2635 Concrete Saw, s/n 7860U415
Meyers Sewer Machine (No Title - Bill of Sale Only)
(2) New Unused Heavy-duty Manual Lever Chain Hoists: 1.5-ton
(4) Heavy-duty Pipe Stands
(6) New Unused Heavy-duty Pipe Rollers
(2) Yale 5-ton Electric Hoists: 460V, 3-phase
(6) 40' High Cube Shipping Containers
(5) 20' Shipping Containers
JD Metal Gas Pump
(3) Unused Easy Kleen Magnum Gold Hot Water Pressure Washers
2003 Komatsu PC200LC Excavator: Fire Damage
2012 Hyundai Robex 210LC-9 Excavator (Salvage): Encl. Cab, Std. Stick, Bkt., TBG Pads
2007 ASV RC85 Skid Steer, s/n RSF00648: High Flow, Machine Runs, Bucket Works, Will Not Move, 2300 hrs
Case 580CK Loader Backhoe, s/n 8327047 (Salvage)
Ferguson 812B Tandem Roller, s/n 1013
Cat T50D Forklift, s/n 9EB06207 (Salvage): LP Gas, 4850 lb. Cap.
Cat V50C Forklift, s/n 39Y00911 (Salvage): LP Gas, 5000 lb. Cap.
Clark GPS20MB Forklift, s/n GP138MB-255-6965KOF (Salvage): LP Gas, 3800 lb. Cap.
Mitsubishi FGC40 Forklift, s/n 6SM00473 (Salvage): LP Gas, 9000 lb. Cap.
Toro Groundsmaster 4500D Front Deck Mower, s/n 280000220: 5745 hrs
Toro 3100D Reel Mower, s/n 24000126: 4249 hrs
Toro GreensMaster Flex21 Greens Mower, s/n 92477: Walk-behind
Toro GreensMaster Greens Mower, s/n 25000256
Toro GreensMaster 1000 Greens Mower, s/n 21597
Toro Flex21 Greens Mower, s/n 21000417
Toro Reelmaster Reel Mower, s/n 312000912
Toro Reelmaster 3150Q Reel Mower, s/n 403327557
Toro GreensMaster 3150Q Reel Mower, s/n 314001040: Vanguard 18hp Eng.
Toro GreensMaster 3150 Reel Mower, s/n 260001362: Vanguard 18hp Eng.
Jacobsen G200 Tractor, s/n 4708-4: 2993 hrs
Toro Workman GTX Utility Cart
Toro Workman MD Utility Cart, s/n 315000845: 1367 hrs
Toro Workman MDX Utility Cart: 1208 hrs
EZGo TXT48 Golf Cart, s/n 3189045: 48-volt
Toro Workman Utility Cart
Toro Workman Cart, s/n 240000159
Toro Utility Vehicle, s/n 260000454: w/ Spreader Bed
Tru-Turf RS48-11B Greens Roller: Pull-behind
Toro Procore 648 Spike Aerator, s/n 310000531: Kohler 23hp Eng., Walk-behind
Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, s/n CBV168946: Elec., 80-gal.
Toro Dingo-222 Trencher: Walk-behind, 311 hrs
Lely Spreader: Pull-behind
Lely Spreader: Pull-behind
Push Spreader
6' Sand Spreader: Pull-behind
Atom Gas Edger
Push Sprayer
Toro Push Mower
Craftsman Table Saw
Edco Floor Grinder, s/n 140810059
4-cyl. Diesel and Steering Hub for Toro Reelmaster 6500D
Hobart Wire Welder, s/n LC058989
MCI Metal Panel Box w/ VLT Aqua Drive Controller: 3-phase
Toro Reel Mower Frame, s/n 20000106 w/ Engine
2015 Toro Workman MDX Utility Cart (Flood Damaged): Dump Bed, 572 hrs

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